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Syrian Arab Company For Hotels And Tourism Profile

A brief overview of the company:

The Syrian Arab Company for Hotels and Tourism was established according to Law No. (20) of (1977) issued by decree of the President, and it is a Syrian joint stock company consisting of shareholders as follows:

The Syrian Arab Republic - Arab Investment Company (Saudi Arabia) - Kuwait General Investment Authority - Libyan Foreign Investment Company - Gefinor Lebanese Company S.A.L.


Company activities:


The company works on owning, establishing, renting, managing and investing hotels, chalets, apartments, residential buildings, parks, restaurants, tea halls, casinos, playgrounds, public shops, parks and exhibitions of various degrees in the Syrian Arab Republic and abroad, furnishing, equipping and preparing them, to receive customers, import all furniture, foodstuffs, equipment, machines, machinery, etc. necessary for them and carry out all the work. That provides customers with complete comfort and other activities that the board of directors deems necessary to implement the company's objectives and facilitate its business.


Company Projects:


Safir Homs Hotel:


   Owned by the Homs City Council, this hotel is a five-star hotel, based on international tourism standards, and invested by the Syrian Arab Company for Hotels and Tourism.




Safir Maaloula Hotel:


This hotel is wholly owned by the company and was completed during the second half of (1989)


 And put into operation and investment as of the beginning of (1990), which is a four-star hotel, which was recently managed by Safir International Company, where the company is currently studying the rehabilitation of the hotel and placing it in the investment again.


• Al Faradis Hotel


Al-Faradis Company is a "limited liability" company established in (1983), from which our company owns the largest share and participates in its self-management through its representatives in the Board of Directors. This company has established the “Al-Faradis Hotel” in Damascus, which is a four-star hotel, and it is still In progress, it overlooks the main Martyrs Square in Damascus.


With regard to the land owned by the company in the Zabadani area:

   The company owns land in the “Sahl Al-Zabadani” area on the highway connecting the city of Damascus and the resorts (Bloudan - Zabadani), with a total area of ​​12,770 square meters, where this land was converted to a tourist characteristic. A wall surrounding the land was constructed in addition to digging a water well. In preparation for the establishment of a large touristic project in the form of a resort.

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